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Autism Care Today provides funding assistance to families throughout the United States on a quarterly basis. These grants are designed to provide access to individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Since 2005, Autism Care Today has helped more than 1,500 families and provided more than $1.75 million in grants.

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About our Grants

Autism Care Today continues to distribute funds for treatment products and services, but Autism Care Today launched the first nationwide campaign to help military children impacted by autism as they have unique challenges. Military families must fight a war on two fronts, one overseas and one for their loved one with autism.

Not all families are alike and each face a variety of challenges and specific needs. Autism Care Today provides funding assistance through a wide-range of unique programs.

For instance, maintaining the health and safety of children impacted by autism is of the utmost importance at Autism Care Today. Children suffering from severe cases of autism require quality of life supports to keep them healthy and safe. Children with severe cases of autism have been known to bang their heads against walls or windows and are highly likely to run into the street. Running away or “eloping” is so common there is now a clinical diagnosis for it. Safety Today provides the simple equipment that will keep these children safe including protective helmets, GPS tracking devices, sensory equipment or installing special safety fences to keep children protected in their environment.

Children with autism are significantly delayed or deficient in the development of language. It is estimated that 30% of individuals with autism will never develop the ability to speak. However, thousands of apps now available to iPad users can help children with autism learn basic skills, hence the need for their program which provides Assistive Technologies.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is recognized to be the most universally recommended and effective treatment for autism spectrum disorders. This therapy applies the principles, procedures and technology of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis. Many decades of research have validated treatments based on ABA. Nonetheless, it is prohibitively expensive for most families as an annual course of treatment can range to $65,000 and not all health insurance providers will cover this treatment. Even co-pays can cost up to $5,000. Autism Care Today defrays this cost for those participating in this program.

Other programs include Social Skills Learning whereby children are taught the skills most children take for granted: cooperation, empathy, conflict resolution, managing emotions, and listening. Autism Care Today provides funds for Special Needs Summer School, an opportunity to allow children to attend the programs that will ensure that summer is not a time for losing valuable skills. With diagnostic and many biomedical tests cost prohibitive, Medical Help Today provides access to vital care and treatments that can dramatically improve the quality of life for a child with autism. Autism Care Today is committed to the Awareness and education to the public about the need for early and intensive interventions for children with autism.

Lastly, Autism Care Today continues to support the Latino population by providing Autism Care Today Español, dedicated to enhancing autism awareness, promoting the benefits of early interventions, and providing access to effective therapies to the Latino population.

Our Mission

Autism Care Today is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism be able to achieve their full potential.

Since 2005, Autism Care Today has helped more than...

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