Gabriela Teissier
Portavoz, ACT Today! Español

Gabriela is Co-anchor of "First Edition" for KMEX-TV, Channel 34, and the number one television station in Spanish in the nation. She joined the program "First Edition" in March of the 2004, after she was an co anchor of the news program Telefutura 46 on KFTR-TV, the station's sister station of Telefutura.

Teissier is better recognized by many as the original Co-host of the noon program Telefutura, "Scandal TV". She is also known for her coverage of all of the Latin Entertainment industry.

While she studied communications and graphical design in the university, Teissier worked as model for several commercial television stations and obtained his first position as news anchor in Telerey, Mexico. Using her varied artistic abilities, she decided to experiment with music and for a time, worked with successful artists on tour. Another facet of the professional development of Teissier includes her participation in films doubled in Spanish. One of these films was the animated production of Disney "Tarzan", where she was the voice of the role of "Terk" the taking monkey.

Teissier arrived in the United States and was known as the host of "Cinemamotion", a program of USA Networks that was transmitted by cable to all Mexico, Central America and South America. Recently, she also participated in the translation of Billboard Magazine for the Internet.

Teissier began her introduction to the media while she served as host for several news programs of Aztec TV, Mexico, and for Telemundo Network in the United States. In 1998, Teissier received the prize of "Latin of the Year" in honor to successful personalities within her race.

Tessier is married to Santa Monica Chef/Restaurateur Raphael Lunetta and they have two young sons and live in Mar Vista, California.