Crowned with Love

Hello everyone! My name is Julie Winkle. I am the current Mrs. Santa Clarita United States and the 44 year old married mother of son Noah Augustine Winkle; age 11 and diagnosed 8 years ago with moderate/severe autism and apraxia of speech. My husband Jack is not in the military, although both he and I have several family members who have served within the many branches. We both have the highest regard for the men and women who serve our country faithfully, many times without so much as a thank you.

When I heard about ACT Today! for Military Families, I knew I wanted to be apart of such an honorable and worthy organization. I (we) know first hand what it means to function as a family where autism is present. When one child in the family has autism, we all as a family deal with that disability every day. Can you imagine doing that while your spouse is deployed somewhere across the globe? Or in a state that provides no assistance?

My journey as Mrs. Santa Clarita, and quite possibly MRS. CALIFORNIA has brought me an amazing opportunity to speak and act on behalf of my family, as well as ACT Today! for Military Families. Many in our armed services go it alone, and many times without help or financial assistance. I pray that the title I have, and the one I may be given will allow me even more opportunity to share about autism, its diagnosis, treatment and the ways we all can help.

As a mom of a child with autism, I would ask just a few things. If you know nothing of autism, then equip yourself with knowledge. If you know but only from afar, then extend a warm hand of friendship to one who knows personally. If you desire to help, then DO! You can in so many ways! You’ve started today by your wonderful support for the men, women and families of our United States military with ACT Today! for Military Families!

Warmly, Julie Winkle (Noah’s mom)
“Mrs. Santa Clarita United States”


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