Autism Care Today is a national nonprofit with nationwide exposure. They offer an extensive range of partnerships—from the autism, health and child advocacy sector; to consumer-facing brands who are interested in building awareness around autism. There are many ways to support Autism Care Today and no greater time to start than today! Determine what type of partnership is the best fit for your company. See below for some of your options.

Sponsor Brochure: We Need Your Support

Fundraising Events and Campaigns
Perhaps one invigorating way to get involved with Autism Care Today is hosting your own business functions, sporting events, contests, banquets, and/or creative online campaigns. This is a magnificent way to demonstrate the company’s pledge to combating autism within your organization and extended network. Share your outcomes with Autism Care Today on Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Autism Care Today has experienced firsthand corporate partners accomplishing some unbelievable events—from auctions, to athletic events, to motorcycle rides. Pride and team effort are just a few of the many sensational reasons for every business to celebrate.

Employee Engagement
Autism Care Today applauds and supports businesses with a workplace giving program which enhances employee engagement. Programs to consider:

  • Workplace Wellness Program
  • Payroll Giving
  • Workplace Giving Events
  • Community Outreach
  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Sales
  • Sponsorship through Product Sales

Thanks for your interest in supporting Autism Care Today’s work — we look forward to discussing potential opportunities with you. Please email, or contact Autism Care Today at 805-506-5235 or 877-9ACT-TODAY (877-922-8863) for further information.