Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Recycling Collection Program available in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada?
A. No. Due to the high cost in freight associated with shipments from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and the US Territories, there are no separate ink or laser collection materials available outside the continental
United States.

Q. Can we ship one cartridge back at a time?
A. No. Ship as many cartridges in one box as possible. Please help us minimize our costs and consolidate your cartridge shipments. Whenever possible, please ship a minimum of 20lbs of cartridges (40lb max) per box. Your cooperation ensures the vitality of our program. Our return labels have been created for our customers who have the cartridges already in bulk containers, not individual cartridges. You can combine the cartridges in the same box. However, the print heads on ink cartridges can easily be damaged. Therefore, if it is convenient, we ask that you separate ink cartridges from laser cartridges.

Q. Do you accept re-manufactured or compatible Laser cartridges?
A. No. Our program accepts original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inkjet and laser cartridges only. Unfortunately, we along with most entities within the industry do not accept ink tanks, compatible or re-manufactured cartridges.

Q. How do we order replacement return labels?
A. Sign in and order again using this online form.

Q. Are there any costs charged to our organization for participating in this program?
A. This program is absolutely free. We never charge you for anything,
including the collection bins, return labels or shipping costs.

Q. How long does it take to receive the collection materials?
A. Complete the registration form and we’ll rush you the collection materials. You can begin your recycling efforts immediately. However, your collection materials take approximately two to three weeks to arrive.

Q. What do you do with the cartridges that are collected are they inspected?
A. Cartridges are cleaned, refilled and repackaged. Once completed, they are sold back to office supply resellers & distributors nationwide. Our facilities record and conduct an initial inspection of each cartridge received. Further inspections are also administered.

Q. Can we ship the collection bins if they are not full?
A. Yes you can. However, it is more cost effective if your boxes are full. We suggest you ship the collection bins or shipping boxes on a monthly basis.

Q. We noticed that many laser cartridges we purchase include a postage-prepaid return label for our cartridge returns. Shall we use these labels instead of the ones supplied through this Recycle for Autism campaign?
A. Labels are available from many sources, however we ask that you use our free service than the services of the big companies such as Hewlett Packard, Lexmark and the rest. By utilizing this program, your contribution supports families impacted by autism.

Q. Can you ship us labels instead of boxes for our laser cartridge returns?
A. Yes. We do not provide laser collection boxes. Instead, we ship you UPS return labels to affix to your own large boxes. Please do not ship one cartridge per label. We request a minimum of 6 Laser cartridges per box.

Q. We have a warehouse full of cartridges. Do you provide pickups of cartridges from wooden skids?
A. Yes. We can provide a pickup of multiple skids from your location at no cost through a local or national freight carrier.

Returning Your Inkjet & Laser Cartridges
Prepaid Return Labels: Prepaid return labels are ideal for all inkjet & laser cartridge returns. Affix the label to any large box and place a minimum of six (6) empty laser cartridges in each box, a large quantity of Inkjet cartridges or both. Tape the box shut, and ship the cartridges. It’s just that simple. These return labels have been created for our customers who have the cartridges already in bulk containers, not individual cartridges. Please do not affix one label to the outside of one laser cartridge. Nor should you tape individual laser boxes together. Tip: A large box from a case of copy paper can be ideal for your laser cartridge returns.

How to Identify a Re-manufactured Cartridge
A re-manufactured, or compatible cartridge, has been manufactured at least once before. In most cases, it will not bear the name and logo of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Look for the words “re-manufactured,” or “manufactured from new and used parts” on the cartridges. A virgin cartridge, also known as an OEM cartridge, has never been re-manufactured. It bears the name and logo of the printer manufacturer (i.e. – Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, etc) and not that of an alternate company (i.e. – office supply and third party brands, etc). Do NOT send ribbon cartridges, as they do not qualify for this program.

Returning Mobile Phones
Each display has a return label affixed to the box. When the box is full or you want to ship your mobile phones back, simply tape the box shut, and ship the phones. It’s just that simple.

Preparing your Package of Cartridges or Mobile Phones
Pack items in a sturdy box using cushioning materials to keep them secure. Cartridges have a tendency to leak ink. Therefore, please utilize large plastic liners or zipper protection bags whenever available. You will need to protect any loose cartridges from damage as a direct result from shipping. We suggest wrapping the cartridges in packaging materials (i.e. – newspaper or corn starch-based packaging peanuts).Mobile phones can easily be damaged. You will need to protect the mobile phones from damage as a direct result from shipping. We suggest wrapping the mobile phones in packaging materials (i.e. – newspaper or corn starch-based packaging peanuts) or layering them in the box with strips of cushioning material between each layer. Remove or black out any old shipping labels. Seal the box with shipping tape.

Freight Policy for Cartridge and Mobile Phone Returns
There are no minimums. However, in an effort to control our operating expenses, we request that our clients ship the following minimums:

  • 25 or more mobile phones
  • 6 or more laser cartridges
  • 25 or more inkjet cartridges.

Note: Most of our customers return 50 to 100 mobile phones at one time.