American military families face a high rate of autism.
You can help ease the challenges they are facing.

Autism Care Today is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services to families that cannot afford the treatments and services their children require. Recognizing the extraordinary challenges military families experience (waging a battle on two fronts…one for their country and another for their children), Autism Care Today for Military Families is a dedicated fund to assist active military families impacted by autism. Autism Care Today for Military Families works to improve awareness and delivery of effective autism services, and provides financial assistance to military families to help defray out-of-pocket costs associated with autism treatments and other quality of life programs.Watch this video and learn about how autism is affecting families in the military:

A Unique Situation:
The nation has been at war longer than in any previous US military engagement and evidence continues to mount that military families are fraying. While the lack of insurance coverage for medically prescribed autism treatments is not unique to the military child, it is important to highlight that our government is sending the parents of these children to war. We can and must do more.

Key Issues:

  • Autism is treatable. With treatment, children can make significant gains.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a vital and effective treatment for autism, but less than 10% of military children with autism are receiving ABA services. Awareness building of effective autism treatment is important!
  • Autism treatments are effective, but expensive. Coverage of ABA therapy is limited. Autism Care Today for Military Families will help defray out-of-pocket treatment costs.
  • Military families shoulder significant responsibilities. Military families with autism face even more extraordinary circumstances. With your help and support, we can make a difference in the life of a military child and bring hope for a better tomorrow!

“Because of the unique way the husbands and wives, the sons and daughters of our all-volunteer force serve this nation, we have a sacred responsibility to care for them.”
~ Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates