Profiles: Dusty

At ACT Today!, we love hearing success stories from our grant families about their children’s progress since receiving one of our grants. It gives us enormous gratification to know that a grant made a positive impact on the life of a child – possibly even changing the trajectory of a child’s life. One such story is that of Dustin Ortiz. In 2011, Dustin needed an iPad to help with facilitating communication. We delivered the iPad to Dustin in person at his home, filming him receiving the device with the Proloque App. He was clearly enamored with the device and immediately started conversations with us, especially those on his favorite subject, geography, and the various routes and freeways of Los Angeles that he often travelled on a daily basis.

Recently we contacted Dustin’s mom Dora to see if he would be willing to appear at one of our fundraising events to talk about his grant and the difference it made in his life. To say that Dustin has made progress would be an understatement. He is planning on graduating from high school this year and attending community college! Here is his mother’s response to us:

“It is so nice to hear from you and thank you for thinking about us. Yes, Dusty is quite the young man, he brings so much joy to us every day. He is amazing. You and your son are always in our prayers. I am sure your son is just as amazing as Dusty.”

“Dusty and I would be more than happy to speak on behalf of ACT Today to be able to give others like him the opportunity to receive support as he did. The gift of the iPad from ACT Today was such a wonderful tool for Dustin to be heard by others. Although he has a beautiful voice today he continues to utilize the iPad to grow his knowledge of geography. It allows him to travel to places he will never get the opportunity to physically visit.”

Good luck at college this year, Dustin. ACT Today! is proud of you and happy to have been a part of your life!

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