Greg Anderson

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Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC

Gregory C. Anderson is a Managing Member of TWIW Insurance Services, LLC. He is responsible for strategic planning and direction of their marketing effort, including the recent growth of its Employee Benefit Division. A keystone of his employee benefit marketing effort has been the recognition of the service needs of not just the corporate client but its employees and Human Resources function. The TWIW strategic stance is that the retail broker must be an extension of the client’s Human Resources function. Informing its marketing efforts with that basic principal has allowed TWIW its dramatic and unparallel growth and impact on the local health insurance marketplace.

​Gregory C. Anderson has been a principal of TWIW Insurance Services and Tolman and Wiker Insurance since 1992. He has been active as an insurance adjustor, underwriter, educator, training professional, producer, sales manager and corporate sales and marketing principal since 1972. He has been an active fundraiser for non-profit causes. His Past service has included membership and service as the President of the Oxnard Chapter of the American Heart Association. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and has pursued doctoral level studies in human organizational development.