Autism Care Today SOS Grant Application Form

Autism Care Today SOS Program

Program Description: Autism Care Today SOS is a program dedicated to supporting the immediate and imperative needs of those impacted with autism throughout the United States. Autism Care Today Grant Programs established in 2005 do provide access to vital and effective treatments for autism through our quarterly grant cycles. We recognize that some individuals diagnosed with autism who are in immediate personal danger or harm are unable to wait up to 12 weeks for a response to their request. The Autism Care Today SOS Program is designed to provide immediate support for these families based upon need and the program funds available.

Applicant Criteria for the Autism Care Today SOS Program

  • Applicant must have an immediate need for treatment/support and if treatment is not found, the applicant’s physical safety is in jeopardy
  • Autism Care Today SOS Program will fund effective treatments and services to treat autism spectrum disorders and cannot fund living expenses, travel, utilities or clothing
  • Income level of the applicant’s family must be below $45,000/year
  • Applicant may not have received support from Autism Care Today within the past 12 months of applying

Autism Care Today SOS Program Application Process

  1. Click here for more information and to access and complete the Autism Care Today Grant Application Form:
    Note: This link is only available during open enrollment. See dates below.

    Quarter Open Application Period Families Will Be Notified By:
    1st Quarter January 1 – 31 March 20
    2nd Quarter April 1 – 30 June 20
    3rd Quarter July 1 – 31 September 20
    4th Quarter October 1 – 31 December 20

    If you are requesting an SOS grant when the applications are not open, go to step 2 and email the SOS program to explain your request.

  2. After completing your online application during an Open Application Period, send an email to:
    In your email, provide the following information*:

    • Your name and the name of the applicant
    • Up to a 200 word description of why the SOS request is being made. Be sure to explain why your request requires immediate assistance and cannot wait for the next quarterly grant cycle.
  3. Autism Care Today will respond to your email within 2 weeks of it being sent either requesting more information or stating whether or not your request will move to the formal review stage.
  4. Once the application is received, a final decision and notification with regards to your request will be made within 2 weeks.

*If you do not have access to email, please contact the grants department at 805-506-5235 or 877-9ACT-TODAY (877-922-8863) for further information.

Learn more information about the Autism Care Today Grant Program.

Disclaimer: Our ability to raise funds is the single most important activity that determines our grant-giving for the year. This program is an integral part of Autism Care Today and the approval of Autism Care Today SOS grants is based upon board review.

Please click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the grant application and process.

Grant Partners

Autism Care Today has partnered with many national and local providers who participate in the Autism Care Today grant programs. Click here to learn more.